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My accountant said that he had applied for the flat rate scheme, note that he was also the company secretary at the time. My new accountant has discovered that the company has not been registered for the flat rate scheme.Are there any circumstances in which the HMRC VAT would backdate the flat rate scheme for 3 years?

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Is it possible to register now , back dating to date of incorporation and using the FRS from that date?

He would just have to reissue his sales invoices from incorporation with the vat included .

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I am worried that I am going to have to pay back lots of VAT, as I had always calculated based on the flat rate amount.If more than this amount, the business is classed as ‘General building or construction services’.Hi all We're currently helping a client prepare their VAT return for the quarter for April 2014 to July 2014 (this is correct) and after doing some calculations, it was concluded that the client would be better off leaving the standard rate scheme and joining the flat rate instead. If it is possible we would very much like for the client to join the scheme from the 1 April 2014, but I'm not convinced that the chances of succeeding with this are that high. The physical location of kr is Yongsan, 11, Korea, Republic Of. The IP address associated with the site is have no proof that the application was submitted and I assume that my accountant would have received the VAT flat rate confirmation as he was the company secretary. Hello jay2908 Backdating of flat rate registration is possible - however it's will be at the discretion of the vat office - or if they are not the Man from Delmonte (he always said yes - the vat man unfortunately is much more likely to say no) you may have to appeal the decision to get what you want.

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