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Dating needs to be actively pursued in order for success to be had; simple as that.

I reached out to Lolo because I had to know who she was, and I am grateful that she afforded me the pleasure of interviewing her for the blog.

In the following interview, Lolo shared with me about how she got the role, why doing this video was important to her, and her ambitions as a disabled vlogger.

” Video #3: Young paralyzed man share’s his dating journey Our third video shows the male perspective side of things and is courtesy of SCI information site, Facing

In this brief video Chase, a paraplegic injured when he was 17 back in in 2007, shares the most important dating tip he’s learned since becoming paralyzed – make the first move.

From talking about how annoying it is when your date tries to push your wheelchair to when guys approach us calling our legs or wheelchair sexy, she lets the clueless men know what’s up.

Watch: Tiffany’s “So you want to date a woman in a wheelchair?

I made sure that whatever I did for the video, that it was going to be authentic to my personality and being a black woman is a huge part of that.

My vlog is on You Tube and it’s called “Sitting Pretty.” I talk about various parts of disability lifestyle in a fun and fearless way.

For him, he’s noticed females have been confused whether or not to hit on him, most likely because they’re unsure of what he’s capable of sexually.

What he’s discovered works best is just saying hi and introducing yourself.

Breaking the ice first is one of the best ways to get the opposite sex less nervous around your wheelchair. Watch: Chase shares what dating has been like since his injury No matter what you do, don’t let your nerves get the best of you, leaving you single longer than you should.

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