Why dating is haram in islam

Whatever were the rules 1000 years ago are the rules now, and will stay the rules till either the universe ends or Islam ends.

who is lloyd the singer dating now - Why dating is haram in islam

A young man is allowed to visit his to-be in-laws’ home, where his fiancé is allowed (if not coerced) by her parents to spend time with him alone.

Parentally sanctioned and moderated dating done by engaged couples is an accepted societal norm, especially from where I hail.

You're not going to find a legitimate counterpoint here; this subreddit is for people who have left islam.

If you need to date, maybe you should leave as well.

There are now very safe and effective ways to prevent childbirth which are 99.9% effective.

Even if a child is born out of wedlock, science still allows us to easily determine who the father is, not like it now matters anyway since human morality has evolved past that "bastard child" concept. The world has moved forward, but Islam is still stuck in the past, from 1000 years ago because "innovation" (modification or molding the religion in accordance with the current world view) is haram (forbidden) in Islam.

It's backwards as fuck and I'm glad it's not followed as much anymore among modernized muslims, and people actually go on dates and what not. It's your time to experiment and find out who you are (as long as it is safe). Typical of Islam, so extreme and only makes young Muslims want to date more.

Dude PLEASSSEEE do yourself a favor and freaking date, enjoy your teen hormones and don't ask too many questions, I did not date bcos of religion.

I have even done the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca with my older brother and mother. My dad isn't religious but he does occasionally pray and hopes that I will be more religious than he is.

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