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HSK Exclusive – Vince Herbert’s being blasted for cheating on Tamar! we’ve learned the identity of the woman outed as his once secret Side Chick! Tamar’s recent slew of social media bombs left many suspecting someone was out for her husband! Though we can’t confirm how long she and Vince were secretly smashing — we can tell you Tamar found out late last year (2013)…

Now, not are those suspicious now turning out to be true, the then-married Side Chick is revealed to be a female who Tamar once believed to be her BFF! AND, Phaedra Alexander and Vince Herbert have been part of the same “mindless behavior” circle since December 2009.

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His estranged wife is believed to be saddened not only by their split but also by the fact that details have been released to the press, and is consulting lawyers.

Meanwhile the rapper blamed for the marriage breakdown was due to arrive back at his London residence last night.

He became an underground success in 2007 after recording a nine-minute song called Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) that featured him rapping over a soundtrack taken from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

He became even better known in 2010 when he had a daughter with the singer Erykah Badu.

He has described Mrs Goldsmith as one of his “direct points of contact” for press and business enquiries and gave her personal email address, while last month he posted a photo of her sitting in a helicopter.

The rapper also praised her husband’s film, writing on Twitter: “Fire in Babylon was Amazing!

“She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients.

She is always on the phone to him and out with him until four or five in the morning most nights. “Ben was paranoid about their friendship months ago, but when he confronted her about an affair earlier this year she denied it.

“He has to be at his desk at 8.15am and take the kids to school, but her lifestyle is increasingly nocturnal, going to clubs until the very late or early hours.” It wasn’t until last autumn that Mrs Goldsmith got to know the rapper now blamed for the end of her marriage.

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