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Their hands were tightly bound behind them with bailing wire and the first man to swing was Miller, and the others were hauled up in regular order.West was the only one of the quartette to offer any resistance and he put up a desperate fight when he learned what the mob was after.Certain it is however that no member of the crowd has been apprehended and apparently no efforts have been made to establish any identities.

He was beaten into submission after a fierce struggle which lasted only a short time, and later when his body was cut down he was badly cut and very bloody from the beating.

While the mob was carrying out its bloody work two of their number were left at the jail to guard the officers and to prevent them giving an alarm until the lynchers had completed their work.

The justices' inquest on the bodies of the hanged men will be held today.

West and Allen were wealthy cattlemen of Canadian, Texas and formerly lived across the Canadian in the Seminole country.

The deputies under guard were warned not to make an outcry or to stick their heads out of the window for thirty minutes, or they would be instantly shot.

Shortly before the mob appeared at the jail other members visited the electric light plant and forced the employees on duty to cut all wires controlling street light service in the city so that their work might be done without fear of detection or interruption.

The trials of the others was to have taken place Tuesday morning, but they waived examination after Miller's trial. Jesse West who was one of the men mobbed last night is about 38 years of age and has a wife.

He was reared in Indian Territory on a farm and his first business venture was to embark in the saloon business in Potawatomie county Oklahoma.

Miller gave him and promised him more if he took her and if he did not keep the animal Williamson was to have the for use of the animal.

Miller rode off from Francis and returned Monday before the killing on Saturday.

County officers here claim that they hired Miller to kill Bobbitt, turning the money over to Burrell, who placed it in Miller's hands.

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