Wal marts dating policies

As a sales associate you will quickly learn your opinion or suggestions do not count, going the extra mile to help a customer or a co-worker does not count, and YOU as a human being do not count for anything.

I learned that if you have the ability to fog a mirror, you can be a manager at Walmart... I could write a book on examples of ignorance and lack of logic.

on their ext and to keep it positive over the walkie, by the co -manager.

I really loved my co-workers and even though the management is a little hard to work with sometimes, if you treat them with respect and do you job well, then you should have no problem.

Best advice I can give to new employees: work hard, be extra friendly to co-workers and management, and DONT GOSSIP because that will get you in a lot of trouble.

We are out there saling low end products to people.

I think the job itself is great, but the management makes the job difficult some days. While the next two weeks, you acquire 25-32 hours per week. This week, Thursday, i work 2-11pm, then on Friday i work 7-4pm. This would be perfect for someone that lived closer, but i live far away.

The thing i cant tolerate the most is how they treat walmart property by throwing it,throwing it from one isle to another-They claim to have an open door policy however when I complained I was the one sent home-I feel like I am in a twighlight zone however I need to work and hopefully walmart will see that these girls are not true assets to the company-plus I have never been a quiter!! I was not fired and have no intention of ever returning.

I pray things will get better, I love the work I do I jut hope I can find away to accept and deal with these issues-Thank you for listening I have been a licensed real estate broker and former owner of a RE/MAX office. With the state of the economy, I took a part-time job at Walmart to fill a gap in the real estate business. However, if anyone is thinking of going there for employment, run for your life!!! If you are not a person who is strong of character, Walmart will beat you down.

I have way too much to say than the intent of this forum.

So, as a professional who was temporarily filling a financial gap, I pity anyone who thinks they must work at Walmart.

I was a supervisor that really didnt get the support or backing from the ass. When i needed them to back me with the crew i was running they alwaystry to put it on the next manager on shift.

The last day i was there,i had a manager tell me over the walkie (EVERYONE WITH A WALKIE HEARD THIS)'The trailer better be done in 20 min or its going to get ugly"Then same night was asked by a different manager, "how the backroom was coming along."To which i responded,"I'ts coming but you will not like it" I was then told if i wanted to say things like that to call the man.

You will go home after your shift feeling half dead, crabby and mad at the world.

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