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Students who are currently searching for Andhra Board SSC Examination Result 2018, you are on the correct website.

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The AP SSC exams are finally over and students are now waiting for their Andhra 10th Class Results 2018.

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Of which, about 3,11,008 were boys and around 2,95,359 were girls.

The minister of Human Resources Development Ganta Srinivasa Rao has released the results at the YVS Murthi Auditorium in Andhra University on 29 April at 4 PM.

The board regulates and supervises the system of Secondary education in Andhra Pradesh, executes and governs various activities that include devising of courses of study, prescribing syllabus, conducting examinations, granting recognitions to schools and, providing direction, support and leadership for all secondary educational institutions under its jurisdiction.

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