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Data Item' is a 'property' but is used like a 'method' , any idea what's wrong with the line ? ' Null' constant is no longer supported; use ' System. #2 The following problem arises when we are trying to build the project using for userregister module we inherit the and then we include other files also that are compulsory for portalmodulecontrol are using framework1.1 , OS windows 2000 server and DNN2.1.2. 'Null' constant is no longer supported; use 'System. MEASURES UNDERTAKEN TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM We imported 'System. end i tried using not isnull(modname2.text) and notempty.. If I disable Selinux update notification works fine. DBNull'and then tried to build the project but there is no positive impact on the problem. Secondly, we used...[perl6/specs] 221ef4: Don't use 'uniq', use 'unique' instead----==_mimepart_544d16a05dcdf_6d4c3fa4b3d272a0340d4 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Branch: refs/heads/master Home: https://github.com/perl6/specs Commit: 221ef4b034019de158b293391bb3df670ab81c6b https://github.com/perl6/specs/commit/221ef4b034019de158b293391bb3df670ab81c6b Author: Elizabeth Mattijsen Date: 2014-10-26 (Sun, ) Changed paths: M S04M S17M S32-setting-library/Log Message: ----------- Don't use '...' Null' is not declared. ' Null' constant is no longer supported; use ' System. I'm having a piece of code with if else block where i need to check whether a textbox is null or not... elseif i=2 and not null(modname2.text)then action elseif......... The local XML file './data/bugzilla-update.xml' cannot be created Hi all, I have installed Bugzilla on a Redhat machine and now I get "The local XML file './data/bugzilla-update.xml' cannot be created" on the homepage.Semi-trusted code: The Xml Resolver property is set to a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic). When validating using schemas, you can avoid the expensive load process by providing an Xml Schema Collection using the Schemas property.

This is a valid and allowed design according to the W3C XML schema specification. It does not support recursive schemas or designs where a child node type is beneath more than one parent node type. Data Grid, which we were going to use, have the same restriction.

(Refer: W3C definition of Parent child Relationship). Of course, also all classes based on Data Sets, like the System. In other words: If you can't break change the existing XML Schema (for example because you are not the owner of the file), there are two ways to solve the problem: you customize all your ode, or you write a converter.

This project was part of a larger project in the context of training acquisition and analysis.

A Palm PDA is used for mobile data acquisition; these data are transferred onto a PC into a well-formed and valid XML data file.

This step also addresses important issues that must be considered when dealing with legacy valid and well-formed XML data in . The detailed description of these methods would go beyond the scope of this article.

Thus the following table summarizes very briefly the characteristics of each method and shows when to use which technology.

NET Framework does not support all versions of every platform.

For a list of the supported versions, see System Requirements.

Based on a real world project this article shows how to handle XML data in . The article puts special emphasize on XML standardization and interoperability issues experienced during the project, and presents workarounds for existing limitations.

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