Updating xml file using xquery iphone email not updating

Ultimately, collections of XML files will be accessed like databases".

All XQuery expressions operate on sequences, and evaluate to sequences. Items can be either nodes, which represent components of XML documents, or atomic values, which are instances of XML Schema base types like .

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XQuery was primarily conceived as a database query language in the tradition of SQL.

Because the two languages originate in different communities, XSLT is stronger in its handling of narrative documents with more flexible structure, while XQuery is stronger in its data handling (for example, when performing relational joins).

Sequences can also be empty, or consist of a single item only.

No distinction is made between a single item and a singleton sequence.

XQuery 3.0 adds support for full functional programming, in that functions are values that can be manipulated (stored in variables, passed to higher-order functions, and dynamically called).

The sample XQuery code below lists the unique speakers in each act of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, encoded in All XQuery constructs for performing computations are expressions.

Atomic values may be integers, strings, booleans, and so on: the full list of types is based on the primitive types defined in XML Schema.

Features for updating XML documents or databases, and full text search capability, are not part of the core language, but are defined in add-on extension standards: XQuery Update Facility 1.0 supports update feature and XQuery and XPath Full Text 1.0 supports full text search in XML documents.

Usability studies have shown that XQuery is easier to learn than XSLT, especially for users with previous experience of database languages such as SQL.

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