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Malware exploit kits are believed to account for most malware infections today.These kits are rented out to hackers, spammers and phishers so they can out their nefarious activities.

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According to industry estimates there are some 17 million viruses winging their way around the tubes, cables and airwaves.

Some are old pieces of code that were created years ago, some are newly released strains of malware while many are actually tweaked versions of existing malware, changed slightly to fool firewalls and antivirus programmes.

They are estimated to be responsible for the vast percentage of malware infections worldwide today.

Malware exploit kits have a strong appeal to a wide range of hacker types, from inexperienced hackers to seasoned ‘black hat’ cybercriminals.

Find out all you need to know about malware exploit kits from where they originate to how to protect yourself.

Have you ever wondered where the millions of viruses that swarm the internet come from?

Viruses are like any other computer programme with the crucial difference that they have been developed with special features and ulterior motives.

In the past viruses were often developed as a challenge, just to see whether a programmer could actually create one.

As such you need to stay on your toes and be mindful.

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As a result Mozilla Firefox is commonly targeted since it’s used by many to surf the internet. Internet Explorer is a popular target given that it’s part of the Windows operating system which is used by something like 95 percent of the world’s desktop computers.

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