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Thanks to a thriving collection of community developed plugins, it can even control other hardware such as lights, enclosure heaters, smart plugs, or anything else you can think to hook onto the GPIO pins of your chosen ARM board.

updating psp m33 firmware-80

While Octo Print can run on pretty much anything, the Raspberry Pi appears to be the platform of choice for most people.

At $10 it’s pretty hard to turn down the Pi Zero W as an Octo Print host, so that’s what I decided to go with.

I couldn’t control them both from the same machine, and while I could print from SD on the second printer if I I picked up a used Printr Bot Play online because it had a small footprint (I could put it up on a shelf when not needed), all metal construction, and automatic bed tramming so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with re-leveling the bed after moving it around.

Perhaps most importantly, I knew there was plenty of room available in the base of the machine so I wouldn’t have a problem fitting additional hardware in there.

What do I need to control the thing over Wi Fi for?

But things got tricky when I wanted to set up a second printer to help with speeding up larger projects.

Everything I read online told me this wouldn’t be a problem for the Pi Zero, especially since I could turn off the HDMI port as it would be running headless.

But as I was about to find out, reality doesn’t always agree with the documentation.

While I had hoped to do this project without permanently attaching anything to the Printrboard, I had to suck it up and solder the BEC module’s leads to the underside of the PCB where the main power connects.

The other side of the BEC module has a standard servo connector, which I was able to plug directly into the Pi’s GPIO header.

If you’re using the Raspberry Pi, there is a pre-made SD image called “Octo Pi” maintained by Guy Sheffer that contains the latest Octo Print and all ancillary packages to give you a turn-key experience as soon as you pop the card in. Even if you’ve never touched a Raspberry Pi or Linux before, you’ll have no problems getting the software up and running.

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