Updating facebook status via email

Sifting through your News Feed, clocking the latest updates from old school friends and family makes up a large part of the appeal of Facebook.

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- Once you've added one phone, you can add another by repeating the steps above.

You'll see a link on the Mobile page for adding another phone.

But actually, don't click the Edit on the left side. - A new set of links will appear on the left side of the screen. - Facebook presents you with the four ways to update your Facebook business page via phone.

The first way is the email way, and they've already generated the email address for you.

Lately, it's in the top right corner of your Facebook page.

Other times, it has been in the list of links below your logo on the left side of the page.- On your computer, go to your Facebook business page and click the Edit button.This button tends to move around depending on the designers at Facebook on a given day.Find the one that says how to do it via SMS Text Messaging.- Click the button to "Sign Up" and follow the prompts. Facebook will ask you to text something to a number they provide.If you have an i Phone, apparently there is a link for "Pages" maybe in your home page area (when you click the 6-box in a box icon). Tap into Tin Shingle's Membership Program and PR Center, designed for businesses owners, marketers, artists and makers who want more exposure to the awesome brands they have created and need to promote.

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