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Downloading, installing and configuring SDR software can be difficult for many computer users; Skywave Linux eliminates the hassle by including several applications installed, configured, and ready to run.For decoding RTTY, CW, PSK, WSPR, WSJT, RDS, and other digital radio transmission modes, the Fldigi and WSJT applications are installed, set to decode audio from the local or remote receivers.End users bear all responsibility for compliance with local regulations relating to communications monitoring.

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Try the solutions well documented in the Ubuntu forums to modprobe the best audio modules.

In other cases, the fault was in a too narrow device specification in the Pulse Audio configuration.

SDRPlay USERS: There is a software bug in Skywave Linux 1.6 which interferes with the configuration of Dump1090 for the SDRPlay.

Please use the following shell command to correct the script and restore normal functionality.

It is the additional digital signal processing, networking, and signal decoding applications that set Skywave Linux apart from stock Ubuntu Linux.

The default username is skywave and there is no password in the default system.

Skywave Linux also thanks the end users for selecting this distribution and hopes it is an asset to their radio monitoring endeavors. No guarantees or warranties are applicable to Skywave Linux.

Skywave Linux is based on Ubuntu Linux, but not endorsed by or affiliated with Ubuntu or Canonical Ltd.

All you need to do is boot the system on a computer with internet connectivity.

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