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You can then use the rest of Moto Calc to investigate one or more of the suggestions in detail, and then use Moto Calc's Mot Opinion feature to get a plain-English analysis telling you how the power system, and your plane, will perform.If you are a bit more experienced, and know some of the components you want to use to power your model (for example, a particular motor or battery), you can tell the Moto Wizard this and it will try to choose a suitable power system using those components.You can add a route for a VPC peering connection that's in the Warning If you have a VPC peered with multiple VPCs that have overlapping or matching IPv4 CIDR blocks, ensure that your route tables are configured to avoid sending response traffic from your VPC to the incorrect VPC.

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To send private IPv4 traffic from your instance to an instance in a peer VPC, you must add a route to the route table that's associated with your subnet in which your instance resides.

The route points to the CIDR block (or portion of the CIDR block) of the peer VPC in the VPC peering connection.

The pieces of information you need to supply are: If you already have a good idea of the power system components you want to use in your model, you may want to skip using the Moto Wizard and go straight to the Moto Calc Workbench. If you are unhappy with them (for example, suggestions involving a very large number of cells, or only brushless motors when you would prefer brushed), return to the Moto Wizard's option pages and narrow your preferences.

At this point, you can also print the Moto Wizard's suggestions by clicking the Print...

Similarly, if the VPCs in the VPC peering connection have associated IPv6 CIDR blocks, you can add a route to your route table to enable communication with the peer VPC over IPv6.

Note If a subnet is not explicitly associated with a route table, it uses the main route table by default.

This will fill in the Moto Calc Workbench window with settings corresponding to the selected suggestion.

At this point, you can modify any of the parameters that you wish.

Moto Calc's graphing facility can plot any two parameters against any other (for example, lift and drag vs. If you have particular requirements, such as a minimum run time, maximum current, or maximum power loss (which is dissipated as heat), you can use Moto Calc's filter facility to filter out the unacceptable combinations.

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