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Competitive rowing, or crew, is the oldest form of organized collegiate athletic competition in the world, dating to the 19th century.

In England, crews from the colleges of the University of Oxford began racing in 1815, while the University of Cambridge’s colleges started fielding teams in 1827.

The 43 sources, which include books and Web sources arranged alphabetically in eight categories, are annotated. Books that are not available in a library can be acquired through interlibrary loan services. Rowers are passionate about their sport, which offers little glory and less fame, and narratives about tolerating the physical demands and finding the rhythm of moving a boat over water are absorbing.

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It is a popular competitive and recreational sport around the world.

Whether on the water, in a boat, or on a rowing machine in a fitness center, rowing has long been championed by physicians and fitness experts as an excellent means of developing physical conditioning. Primarily about fabled boat builder George Pocock, the book also chronicles the rise of the University of Washington crew as a powerhouse in the first half of the twentieth century.

Friends of Rowing History in 1992 with an emphasis on North American rowing, this organization’s interest is the preservation of the history of rowing and the celebration of the sport’s past. Henley Royal Regatta Regatta, first held in 1839, is the premiere rowing race for high schools, colleges, and clubs in the U. It also sponsors junior and master’s level national championships.

A rowing reporter who is now considered the sport’s preeminent historian, Dodd selects what he believes the best stories about the historic race, begun in 1829, and writes an informal account that edifies. Concept2 the Concept2 rowing machine has become standard equipment in boathouses and fitness clubs, the company’s site serves as the primary source for indoor rowing, from workouts and training to racing schedules. National Rowing Foundation USRowing is the national governing body for the sport in the U. It selects, trains, and manages the American teams competing in international events, including the World Championships, Pan American Games, and Olympics.

Contains a weekly training schedule, ergometer pace chart, historical time line, and bibliography.

For the novice rower at any level, the most practical induction to the sport by an accomplished rower and writer.

Today, annual national and world championships for rowing are held indoors.

The history of rowing is not just one of competitive sport, however, as it has long been championed by physicians and fitness experts as an excellent means of developing physical conditioning. Reissued in 2005, with a foreword by David Halberstam.

Muscular rowers moving oared boats across water can be inspiring.

His country’s most accomplished rower, Pinsent’s notable journey begins as a novice at England’s foremost prep school and ends with the ultimate honor for remarkable achievement in rowing—knighting by the Queen.

Common notions about rowing are that it is an intellectual sport, and its participants come primarily from the gentry.

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