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The long reign of Manasseh (687–642 ) witnessed the promotion of cults of other divinities alongside Yahweh, a situation which the Hebrew prophets, with their zeal for the worship of Yahweh alone, opposed.The abuses attacked by Zephaniah in chapter 1, such as astral worship (1:4–5) and aping foreign customs (1:8–9), are largely those decried in Kings () sought to eliminate. The breakup of the mighty Assyrian empire with the attendant cataclysmic upheaval was already causing a premonition of doom to pervade the international atmosphere.

However, both sides agree the fury of God's wrath is caused by sin.

In the first part of his three-chapter book, Zephaniah issued charges and threats.

He delivered the same threat as other prophets, a promise carried over into the New Testament as well: The day of the Lord is coming. Some say the day of the Lord describes God's ongoing judgment across hundreds or even thousands of years.

Others say it will culminate in an abrupt, sudden event, such as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Such a time was propitious for a sensitive person, steeped in the cultic and literary traditions of his people, to arrive at a deepened meaning of the swiftly approaching Day of .

Despite recent attempts to fragment and/or rewrite the Book of Zephaniah, the overall structure of large units of the book as well as its rhetorical features argue strongly for the basic integrity of the work.

The day of the Lord is coming, said the book of Zephaniah, because God's patience has a limit when it comes to sin.

Sin ran rampant in ancient Judah and the nations around it.

I have decided to assemble the nations, to gather the kingdoms and to pour out my wrath on them—all my fierce anger.

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