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The period saw the growth of towns such as Truro , Totnes , Okehampton and Plympton in the west of the region, but these were small compared with the established wealth of ancient cathedral cities in the east of the region such as Exeter , Bath and Wells.

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There are villas, farms and temples dating from the period, including the remains at Bath.

Ham Hill probably had a temporary Roman occupation.

At the time of the Roman invasion , the inhabitants of the entire area spoke a Brythonic Celtic language.

Its descendant languages are still spoken to a greater or lesser extent in Cornwall , Wales, and Brittany.

Alfred established a series of forts and lookout posts linked by a military road, or Herepath , to allow his army to cover Viking movements at sea.

The Herepath has a characteristic form which is familiar on the Quantocks: Burhs fortified places had been set up by , such as Lyng. There was a royal palace at Cheddar , which was used at times in the 10th century to host the Witenagemot.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle , the Saxon Cenwalh achieved a breakthrough against the British Celtic tribes, with victories at Bradford-on-Avon in the Avon Gap in the Wansdyke in , [54] and further south at the Battle of Peonnum at Penselwood in , [55] followed by an advance west through the Polden Hills to the River Parrett.

However, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle this was destroyed 12 years later.

Viking raids took place for instance in and at Watchet [65] and the Battle of Cynwit.

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