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Before that, we were national and regional, and we recognised the world was globalising around us.” Shell’s IT function at that time did not have the scale or the people necessary for globalisation, he says.

And so the organisation had a series of outsourcing contracts with Accenture, Wipro, IBM and CGI.

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The coach was a former Brazilian professional and gave Walker a specific job to do, protecting the back four as defensive midfielder.

Walker came in for a telling-off when he abandoned his position, despite scoring the winning goal in one game.

Three years ago, the critical business IT skills would reside with consultants; now they are in-house. “You have to understand how your part of the business makes money.

It’s not about mere business IT alignment; it’s about value.

They conceived the new structure in early 2015, launching it in September 2015.

The Bangalore hub has gone from zero employees to 2,500, with 900 reporting to Walker. “It is cost advantageous, yes, but the key thing is that it is young talent, excited by technology.

Elsewhere, we had strategists, supplier managers and programme managers.

The technology is moving so fast now that we needed a different cadre.” Bangalore has helped Shell rebalance its skills, says Walker.

We have 45,000 retail sites vending 200 billion litres of fuel a year and selling 30 million customers 250 million cups of coffee.” Walker dates the origins of this shift beyond traditional oil and gas to 2004, when Jereoen van der Veer was CEO.

Walker, who joined the company as an IT analyst/programmer directly from the University of Surrey with a degree in chemical engineering, recalls: “We started to globalise in 2005.

One of the leading companies of the second industrial revolution – based on chemicals, electrification and the advent of telephony – Shell has its place in the fourth, as an overall energy company, not just in oil and gas, but also in renewables, says Walker, and in a basic shift from product to services.

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