Special needs parents dating site

It offers newsletters and resources, as well as upcoming events and services for educating parents and loved ones of children with disabilities.Orthopedic Impairments is a friendly website project with a comprehensive mission to inform, educate, and help walk through parents, teachers, and students with orthopedic impairments.

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It also helps parents understand cognitive changes in their child and has useful information into peer networks and gaining self-esteem.

Though a controversial site, offers a highly touching and incredibly heartfelt article about the parents of a child with Down Syndrome and what they need to hear.

Their website is clean, easy to browse, and full of helpful information.

It also has an amazing forum where you can share your story and talk with other parents.

If you are finding that you are having a difficult time communicating with your child’s school, they have a special section designed to help you through any bumps along the way.

One of the most prominent mental health websites within the U.

S., Healthy Place, offers an interesting and informative blog entry detailing the long and difficult journey parents of mentally ill children travel.

Although the entry is short, there are over eighty-five comments from various parents and loved ones of children who have serious emotional disturbances and disorders, each with a story to tell.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is an excellent and resourceful website for parents with children who have dyslexia, are ADHD, or have other learning disabilities.

The site focuses on empowering parents with knowledge and a strong supportive community.

In addition to their resources, they help parents and their children get involved in activities, as well as provide latest news and updates in the deaf-blind community.

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