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Rebuilding the township Since 1994, a huge amount of work has gone into developing Soweto and reintegrating it into the city.More than 100 000 houses have been built or refurbished in the township over the past 20 years, according to the Presidency's Twenty Year Review, and all outstanding water, electricity and sanitation connections to thousands of houses – neglected during apartheid – have been completed.Sowetan residential property is now booming, with the highest average prices in the affordable housing market segment countrywide.

In 2008 Nelson Mandela planted the 90 990th tree, on his 90th birthday.

The aim is for a further 300 000 to be planted by 2016.

Converting hostels into homes Apartheid's migrant labour system relied on men transported far from their homes into the city, where they would live and work far from their families.

These labourers were often housed in single-sex hostels, brutal and often violent places.

Getting its name from the apartheid designation of South Western Townships, Soweto was built as a shantytown on the edge of Johannesburg.

It was essentially a dumping ground for black citizens, far from work and the white suburbs.

The Greening of Soweto project, launched in 2006 with the planting of 6 000 trees – and an ultimate aim of half a million – is perhaps the city's biggest green revolution.

Since then more than 200 000 new trees have been planted and six new ecoparks built.

Its dusty roads were unpaved and untreed; tiny matchbox houses were built out of a mix of iron, wood and brick.

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