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This condition can be defined after a person has developed compulsive sexual thoughts and/or behaviour that would lead to increasingly serious consequences, in both the addict’s internal and external worlds.

The consequences on the psychological (internal) side may include the development of severe depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, shame, self-hatred, hopelessness, despair, helplessness, intense anxiety, loneliness, moral conflict, contradictions between ethical values and behaviours, fear of abandonment, spiritual decline, distorted thinking, remorse and self-deceit.

They use sex to cope, to handle boredom, anxiety, to feel important, wanted or powerful.

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Reuters reported that in a period of two years the sexual sites on the Internet, grew with more than 27% (from 22 million – 28 million in 2001).

Reuters stated further that 6.5% of male Internet users are compulsive Cybersex fans.

Usually the addict will engage in Cybersex actions that he/she would not attempt in real life.

It is further reported that they have reduced real time sexual activity with an offline partner; this would therefore further alienate these people from real life experiences and enhance their behaviour through sexual fantasy.

These people tend to find themselves in a vicious circle from which they cannot escape.

Treatment is necessary and can fortunately be very successful.Partners of users of cybersex specifically have intense reactions to the usage such as hurt, betrayal, rejection, devastation, and loneliness (Goldberg, et al., 2008).Those engaged in cybersex activity can experience sleep issues and personality and behavioral changes (Schneider, 2009).As a result of the marital problems, their partners might develop their own addictions and compulsions, psychosomatic problems, depression or other emotional difficulties.72 % of the addicts report that they were physically abused as children, 81 % sexually abused and 97 % report to have been emotionally abused in their lives.They tend to request and demand more privacy and alone time and may start giving up many family responsibilities.

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