Simple rules for dating russian women

However, after her long trip to Siberia and not long before she finally reached her husband, Maria was presented with the document that she had to sign. With a flash of her pan, this young woman left everything and everybody except her husband behind. She learned how to perform basic chores, negotiated with prison’s guards to allow wives to deliver food and clothing to their husbands, pleaded with authorities to ease conditions, maintained contact with families back home for many prisoners and supported other wives that followed their husbands.

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My writing today is dedicated to love: To innocent, selfless, devoted love. They tried to bring the idea of a Russian constitution while refusing to swear allegiance to the new tsar, Nicholas I. The Decembrists were arrested, tried, and convicted.

First thing that comes to mind is a story of Romeo and Juliet. It was December 1825, a secret society of young officers staged a revolutionary attempt in Saint-Petersburg Russia.

She wrote to her husband: “One thing I can assure you of: what ever your fate I will share it.” Her family was very upset and objectected to her decision to follow her husband into exile, pleading to consider her infant son.

The Tsar prohibited the taking of any children along.

He lost interest in life, did not take care himself and eventually turned into eccentric old farmer.

Biographers find a lot of indication of Maria having a long lasting romance with another Decembrist, however there is no proof that it went beyond of friendship. She followed her husband as the first of all wives.

She became involved in the local hospital: reorganized staff, introduced measured of hygiene and helped to open new a wing.

Maria was well respected and adored by the community in which she lived.

There was another remarkable woman Pauline Gueble (Polina Annenkova).

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