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Here are the exact numbers of average partners: Blond hair: 10.1Red hair: 9.4Gray hair: 8.9Other colors: 8.8White hair: 8.5Black hair: 8.2Brown hair: 7.8Of course it's important to note that this study doesn't imply causation, so it's not necessarily that having blond hair makes women have more sex or one-night stands.

It is, however, an interesting link that I'd like to learn more about. Based on your hair color, do these results make sense to you?

In a little over two years, the match total has grown 5,000-fold.

Single blond women are also more likely than women with other hair colors to have tried a one-night stand on for size.

Here are the specific stats of how many women with different hair colors have had one-night flings:60 percent of blonds58 percent of red-haired women51 percent of brown-haired women48 percent of other-haired women44 percent of gray-haired women43 percent of black-haired women35 percent of white-haired women Lastly, single blond women have racked up more sexual partners than women with other hair colors.

Disturbingly, scam artists seem to have taken a liking to the platform.

But by far Tinder's biggest problems to date have had to do with cybersecurity.

Heads-up, blondies: You all are apparently having the most sex (and, it stands to reason, the most fun), according to data from

Can't say I'd look good as a blond, but I'm tempted to go to a salon and pull a Kimmy K all the same.As of January 2014 (an eternity ago in Tinder-time), about 1.2 million people in the Netherlands alone were using the app — 7 percent of the whole Dutch population.52 percent of Tinder users are between 18 and 24, and 33 percent are between 25 and 34.The company told the Los Angeles Times' Paresh Dave in November that it had 30 million users; the number has likely grown significantly since then.In January, Tech Crunch's Jordan Crook reported that Tinder makes 21 million matches and processes 1.5 billion swipes every day. For context, the company hit the 1 billion matches mark in March 2014, 500 million matches in December 2013, and 1 million in January 2013.crunched some of the numbers in their Singles in America survey of almost 6,000 people.

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