Sex dating in dubuque iowa

Thus, Loras College is committed to having a positive learning and working environment for its students and employees and will not tolerate sexual misconduct.

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Examples of these situations include but are not limited to relationships between instructors and students, supervisors and employees or administrators and students.

Consensual relationships of these types are prohibited.

Anyone who engages in a sexual relationship with a person over whom he or she has any degree of authority must understand that the degree to which such a relationship is truly mutually consensual may be questioned at any time.

Even when both parties have apparently consented at the outset, such consent does not invalidate a subsequent charge of sexual misconduct after one party withdraws his or her consent and communicates that decision to the other party.

The fact that someone did not intend to sexually harass an individual is not necessarily a defense to a complaint of sex discrimination.

Regardless of intent, it is the duration, effect and characteristics of the behavior that determine whether the behavior constitutes sex discrimination.From the point of refusal, any previous consent is rendered invalid.CONSENSUAL AMOROUS RELATIONSHIP POLICY Employees should be sensitive to the fact that they have a professional responsibility for students in such matters as counseling, evaluating, supervising, advising and providing services to students as a part of the school program.Consensual relations are defined as amorous, romantic or sexual relationships into which both parties have voluntarily entered.They become of concern to the College when one person in a relationship is in a position of authority over another.Talking with a partner about sexual activity may seem awkward, but such conversations serve as the basis for sexual experiences in the context of mutual willingness and respect.

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