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I put everything I owned in storage, purchased a one-way ticket and created a blog called Sevinthecity about my experience.

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I write about pop culture and am currently working on my first book, a millennial’s answer to “Sex and the City I always knew that “Sex and the City” inspired my move to New York, but I couldn’t have said exactly why.

As a gay man, I grew up without a close-knit group of friends who were just like me. But even then, there was still something missing: the city itself.

They were matched to a comparison sample of their heterosexual peers.

Sexual minority adolescents reported more externalizing behaviors and depression symptoms than heterosexual youth.

So, when my parents dropped me off at a studio sublet on the Upper East Side almost eight years ago, my quest for my New York City family began against the backdrop of having the freedom to date for the first time.

And every adventure in dating became bearable, by the group of boys I met along the way.

I was often left out of their kids’ celebrations to spare me from the reminder. But I was also completely free — free to live any way and anywhere I wanted. I had always loved New York, and as with most women back then, “Sex and the City” was a favorite escape.

Their intentions were good, but not being invited made me feel worse. My friends would often tell me that I was the Charlotte of the group, and when I moved to New York in 2009, I identified with her the most.

As my own versions of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, they became the fabric that wove together every job, every heartache, every anger and every hope.

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