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When I came out of the college, I stayed at home in preparation for the Methodist ministry.

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Living with schizophrenia is bad enough without the smattering of stigmatising sayings from others that accompany it. Contrary to lurid tabloid headlines, not all schizophrenics are axe-wielding maniacs.

When I hear one of these I usually start to wonder who is the more deluded: me or you? It’s a common myth that schizophrenia means you have a split personality, and an offensive one at that.

Charlotte: In your book, you talk about the fact that you believe the spirit of rejection is quite fundamental in schizophrenia.

Can you just explain a little bit more about that for us?

Charlotte: When you speak about these voices, were they always negative voices? These voices in my own life would often try to induce me to end my life; voices of suicide, and I had to contest them of course.

It was only through the power of prayer and knowing the strength of the Holy Spirit that I was able to actually ward them off and finally come to the point of defeating them.

It was a matter of months later that a huge cloud of darkness came over my mind and my life when I had returned to my former job as a newspaper reporter. It is much much stronger, and when we begin to talk about the demonic side of schizophrenia, I always refer to the voices which schizophrenics hear.

I just not could handle this satanic darkness, this blanket over my life, and at that time I was admitted to what was called the normal old Victorian Sanatorium. I ask the question, to whom do these voices belong? They are most certainly not the voice of the Holy Spirit, but they are voices from invading spirit forces that impose themselves on a person's life, and they actually overrule them.

May I say that my mother was someone who lost her father when she was only two.

Her mother remarried a man from outside the village later on with children of his own.

Here’s 14 things not to say to someone with schizophrenia.

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