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Throughout it final days, the bar touted banners that read: “Six Degrees…

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Both of these venues were predominately patronized by gay males.

Changing hands again, the bar became the well-known Club Bombay, which is when it became a lesbian hangout.

Hundreds of messages were scribbled throughout the bar’s inside and outside areas, as well as in the restrooms and in the cashier booth.

Some patrons expressed their love for each other, while others shared sentiments about the closing of Six Degrees.

Writings on the walls ranged from things like “Sarah loves Katie” to “I’ll miss my second home and all those I befriended here.” Another said “Things I have done at Six Degrees (or because of Six Degrees),” and then the writer listed off 14 of those things, which ranged from “danced on the bar” to “met the love of my life.” Six Degrees was like a second home to many of its patrons.

Cindy Kuder, known around the bar as just “Kuder,” patronized the establishments inside of 3175 India St. When asked how she felt about the closing of her favorite hangout, Kuder replied: “It’s really sad….

Groups like Dyke March San Diego, Women Moto and women’s sports teams all held events at the bar.

Fund-raisers for community members in need, friends that were ill and bar patrons who passed away were all welcomed at Six Degrees.

Five years ago, the club was sold one more time to two of the bartenders and a regular customer and was given its final name, Six Degrees.

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