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I save them, and in a large order (25 or more) there will be at least one which causes an error "Row cannot be located for updating.Some values may have been changed since it was last read." The values looked up have not changed, the only change might be price or quantity.I have searched this NG and also Tamarack but cannot find this message anymore. I know this has to do with ADO trying to locate a row by specifying each field it knows about, as in "select * from customer where [Name]="Me" and [Address]="Someplace" and so on for each field.

I added the flag "Option=2" to the end of my ado connection and this fixed the issue.

Open; end; procedure Tfrm_Main.tbl_Floor Parts Before Close(Data Set: TData Set); begin tbl_Seat.

2004-01-06 AM delphi88 First of all best wishes to everyone. In my application, I use a t Ado Data Set with a simple Command Text like "select * from Customer".

Recently added an insert/update trigger to a table in SQL Server to populate some fields from a 2nd table.

Locate('FID', FId,[lo Partial Key]); end; procedure Tfrm_Main.tbl_Floor After Open(Data Set: TData Set); begin tbl_Floor Parts.

I find a very simple way of working with My SQL (and any other SQL database for that matter) is to do all your input from the database using a read only recordset and all your output using INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries.

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These facilities are nearly always available and when errors occur, it is easy to identify and fix the problem because it will either be in your own code or in the SQL you wrote.

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