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I thought that I would take a more in-depth look into the topic by sharing my perspective and providing greater information regarding my allocations.

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The San Jose Environmental Innovation Center (EIC) has been in the news a lot recently, due to the fact that it is $1.6 million over budget and six months behind schedule.

This project was always risky, as it utilized complicated tax credits that expose the general fund—the guarantor of the project—to future risk.

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Massage parlors in the Bay Area, especially San Jose, have multiplied after the state Legislature passed a law seven years ago that restricted cities or counties from regulating them. But San Jose currently has no regulations on massage parlors.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office in April estimated there are 170 to 200 massage shops in San Jose.

Both have been president of the Mission City Democratic Club.

And both have stirred controversy: Stampolis and three other board members were the target of a no-confidence petition a year ago, and Song has had to fend off attacks from the proponents of charter schools.

It outranked a plan to increase protections for mobile-home park residents and a crackdown on illegal fireworks.

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