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Following these relatively simple steps will help prevent a large majority of malware infections.

Hackers compose their emails to be either enticing or to get your attention within a workplace environment.

Fortunately, despite it been such a critical area needing defense it can be fairly easily done.

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The attachment contains a malicious payload which when opened can be installed.

This method has been seen in ransomware campaigns, namely Crypto Wall, Golden Eye, and Cerber.

Emails referencing sporting or other global events.

For example, these can be composed in such a way as to get the users attention and work in much the same way as the methods detailed above.

Hackers use such tactics as they are incredibly effective.

Such tactics are effective as they exploit our natural inclination of trust.

Despite its no long history of use within the technology sector email is still the most effective delivery method for attacks.

Despite their importance companies around the world have struggled to make them a secure platform free from viruses or malware (for the purposes of this article the words “virus” and “malware” are used interchangeably and are used to describe malicious code).

As emails are used to spread various pieces of malware, whether they are banking trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware or any other malicious piece of code designed to make somebodies day a nightmare, defending that front is a priority.

It is a priority not just for companies but anybody that has access to an internet enabled device.

This exploiting of our trust can happen in numerous ways and how it is done is dependent on the goals of the hacker.

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