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So when she and her friend Nicole Cocomazzi of Utica heard actor Peter Facinelli – better known as Carlisle Cullen in the “Twilight” movies – was coming to the area Saturday, she made sure she was one of the first in line to meet him.

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Schaffer and Cocomazzi were a few of the eager adults who anxiously waited in line among plenty of giddy teenage girls and groups of ogling 20-somethings for their chance to meet the movie star at City Hall Saturday night.

His appearance – met by screaming fans – marked the finale of Fright Nights at Hanna Park, an outdoor Halloween festival sponsored by 92.7 WXUR.

Garth has since remarried actor Dave Abrams, and Facinelli is reportedly dating Lily Anne Harrison.“People come into your life for a reason and relationships can change,” Facinelli told La Palme.

“Just because we aren’t living together doesn’t mean [we] can’t love each other.”Facinelli also shared a bit of advice for other parents who may be going through a similar situation:“Anyone going through a breakup should know, kids need to see mom and dad happy.

"I was thrilled for him that he was taking his career to the next level, but I was also, I can see now, feeling a bit resentful and itchy in ways that I couldn't quite identify. All I know is that I felt like I was waiting: for him to come home, waiting for him to be free to join me in the day-to-day of our family life, waiting for the next job to be lined up that would take him far away from us again."[Related: Jennie Garth Talks Post-Divorce ‘Rebirth’ and 30-Pound Slimdown]" data-reactid="46"[Related: Jennie Garth Talks Post-Divorce ‘Rebirth’ and 30-Pound Slimdown]While this turmoil went on for "some time" — she said they spent their "fair share of time on the couches of therapists" over their nearly two decades together — things came to a head when he returned home during a break from working on that particular film.

While Garth doesn't say it, the movie was "Loosies," which co-starred Facinelli's current girlfriend, Jaimie Alexander, whom he started to date after their marriage ended."The ground that had been cracking and shifting finally split open and pretty much swallowed me whole: Peter came home, and told me that he didn't think he wanted to be married to me any longer, and he though it best that we separate so that we could get a better sense of where we stood with each other," she wrote.

When Garth spoke out about the divorce back in 2012, she told People magazine, “We both saw it unravel, and it was painful.

I tried everything I could to save our marriage.”Facinelli was hesitant to speak to the press about their relationship.

As long as they know they’re happy, they know they will be,” he said.

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