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It’s used in transfusions, and in plasma-protein therapies processed via fractionation technology—albumin for burns and trauma, factor VIII to help clotting in people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, and intravenous immunoglobulin, known as Ig or Ivig.

CPR applied for a federal license to operate in Ontario in November 2012.

Various medical groups, among them Canadian Doctors for Medicare and the Canadian Nurses Association, opposed paid plasma. Paying blood donors is a charged topic in Canada, home of the “tainted blood” scandal of the early ‘80s.

The blood authority, which is funded by provinces and territories, called for governments to put a “pause” on for-profit plasma collection, as it came up with its own strategy.

The announcement signalled an abrupt, 180-degree turnaround from CBS’s former stance.

For years, it appeared on-side with the idea of a blood broker selling a resource harvested in Canada to the highest bidder on the global market.

In its communications, the blood authority emphasized the point that paid plasma manufactured into therapies was safe.

But CPR, which reimburses donors for an hour-and-a-half donation via Visa gift certificate (or they can donate that amount to a charity for a tax receipt) was the most ambitious, with plans to expand to other provinces.

Donors are encouraged to give often: “Super Hero Rewards” members qualify for monthly draws; “silver” and “gold” donors are eligible for “prizes valued at over ,000.” The company promotes plasma donation as an altruistic act (“by becoming a plasma donor, you can help Canada satisfy its own needs for plasma therapies”), even though there are no assurances therapies made by the plasma it collects will end up back in the country.

They indicate that, since 2009, CPR’s parent has been working in a partnership with then-German-owned Biotest AG, the world’s fifth biggest player in the plasma-proteins therapies market; in 2009, it told Health Canada that it planned to invest 0 million to spearhead a Canadian plasma industry.

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