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Founded by two Brisbane boys in 2014, the van-based mobile laundromat allows homeless people to wash their clothes for free.

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The remnants of Ophelia were centered along the northwest Irish coast Monday evening local time.

The storm killed at least three people in the country.

Forecasters there said the winds brought by Hurricane Ophelia to Europe's west coast fanned the flames in a land already parched by drought and high temperatures.

The sun and sky have turned a strange, apocalyptic colour.

Dust particles can block the path of light that has shorter wavelengths, like blue and violet.

When only longer wavelength light like yellow, orange and red, pass through the atmosphere, the sky appears orange-hued. “Review of ‘The Book of Revelation’ by Hindson.” In Richard L. Sun Valley, CA: The Master’s Seminary, Fall 2002, 284-286. "These chairs are the most important thing Orange Sky provides, because people can sit there and have a conversation while their washing is being done,” he said."A lot of people who are homeless don't talk to each other."And the self-esteem these people get from just looking cleaner, smelling cleaner and being able to sit down and have someone listen to them is really great.” Mr Bentley has since picked up a casual cleaning job with the help of MAX Employment Caloundra, meaning he's able to enjoy himself this holiday season."I guess you could say I'm going to have a good Christmas because I'm not laying around doing nothing,” he said.At least 120,000 homes were without power and officials ordered lockdowns for virtually all locations in the storm's path.

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