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For now, though, it seems she’s giving her all to the blog, which has a shop page that links to trendy outfits and accessories.

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[the oldest are always the guinea pigs]👭luckily our dad eased up on hazl and she has a special touch with this make up stuff.

to all you beauties out there i'm on the hunt to play with some fun lip shades, what are your fav brands for nude red lips?!

Allegedly, Alexander completely lost it and went on a tirade.

According to Media Take, Shaq was abhorred by the scene, and a spat began between the two outside the gym.

💄 xo, blu #makeup#lipstick#sister#inspo#help#artist#bluhazl A post shared by BLUHAZL (@bluhazl) on Rolle is the founder of a lifestyle blog called, along with her sister, D’Ana.

When she graduated, she hoped to eventually be a CEO and own her own restaurant, and that may still be in the cards for the stunning 28-year-old.The two have been apart for a while, but from the sounds of things, a lot of those hurt feelings are still fresh.So much so that we’ll see the 32-year-old reality star work through those emotions on-camera a lot this season.And since that breakup will be part of the storyline, what did Shaq think of Nikki putting it all out there?Not to mention, what really went down between those two?After Alexander allegedly launched some nasty names his way, O'Neal called it a day on the whole relationship.

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