My friend is dating a pathological liar

My boyfriend and i have been together for 9 months, and it has been a complete rollercoaster.

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They have an inability to consider the consequences or even fear being found out.

It’s as if the pathological liar believes they are smarter than everyone and will never be found out. So then why does the liar engage in such behaviors?

It is almost like an automatic impulse for the liar. But there are also liars who are gratified by telling lies, are good at it, and do not regret anything they have ever said.

These individuals are “skillful” liars who attempt to evade and harm everyone they come across in their lives.

An appropriate level of consciousness was missing from Couwenberg and is missing in so many other people who are compulsive liars.

The very fact that a lie could be found out does not affect the pathological liar.

Pathological lying is something that has negatively affected many people, even professionals, who are often unaware of the psychiatric instability or personality disorder of the liar.

(Some pathological liars may be psychopaths as well.) For example, in one of my previous articles, I focused on Judge Patrick Couwenberg, a Superior Court Judge of California, who lied repeatedly while serving the public.

It is very much an inexact science and entails years of study.

Humans are complex and trying to understand the reasons for why they do all the things they do takes more than a graduate school degree in psychology and years of work experience.

Have you ever communicated with a person who seemed to live in a fantasy world where everything said felt false or exaggerated to you?

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