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As of this writing (2017) a person in their 50s will find much about current life to be quite different from when they were young.Nowadays land-line telephones are increasingly rare while mobile cell phones are proliferating.

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Understand that the angry reactionaries are not just hicks rubes living in the sticks.

Many of them are very rich and sophisticated people who happen to be buggy-whip magnates and are upset that the basis of their wealth just evaporated.

Jerry Pournelle predicted that in the far future people could use something like an internet to find answers to their questions, but failed to predict that people would be angry if the answer took longer than three seconds to appear (drat that Google is slow today).

There are even jobs that did not exist a couple of decades ago (Search engine optimization expert? I believe that master science fiction author and science explainer Isaac Asimov has the answer.

) Funny thing about society in general and people in specific. He wrote about it in a 1969 essay entitled For a long period after 1752, throughout the nineteenth century indeed, science was generally considered the hope of humanity.

Back in the 1750's this new thing called "Science" really started coming into its own. Oh, there were people who thought this particular scientific advance or that was wicked, and who objected to anesthetics, for instance, or to the theory of evolution, or, for that matter, to the Industrial Revolution—but science in the abstract remained good. There is a strong and growing element among the population which not only finds scientists suspect, but is finding evil in science in the abstract.

Besides, even if you argue that the development of the nuclear bomb sin, I still reply that it wasn't the first sin.

The mistrust of science itself antedates the nuclear bomb.

For on the Somme while generals thought they could build a bridge of mangled flesh across the trenches.

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