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Examination of the microstructural and textural development of the lead-zinc mineralisation at Mount Isa reveals that it formed cogenetically with the large-scale Cu orebodies by late syndeformational replacement.The constraints on mineralisation provided by the sedimentological framework (Neudert, 1984) and timing criteria place the lead-zinc and its associated pyrrhotite and layer-parallel pyrite as forming late in the last major phase of deformation affecting the mine area.

The questions dealt with include: 1) Are the archaeological remains that were observed by the proponents of Jebel al-Lawz credible? The final section of this paper deals with the location of the Red Sea crossing. However, I would like to call your attention to a recent book examining the claims of Ron Wyatt.

Was it in the Gulf of Akaba / Eilat or the Gulf of Suez? It is entitled , by two SDA researchers, Russell and Colin Standish. This book is a careful, meticulous, in-depth study of Ron Wyatt’s claims.

A completely different ore genesis paradigm may result and exploration concepts may need to be substantially modified.

This paper examines three aspects of the identification of Mt. First, the paper questions the credibility of the claims.

Copper-lead-zinc concentrations formed from hydrothermal solutions entering the region of the ramp of the Paroo Fault and then migrating outwards to form an evolving alteration system during the formation of both the layer-parallel and cross-cutting steep cleavages.

This was overprinted by a relatively short-lived mineralisation event to form the zoned copper-lead-zinc system.

Paralleling this alteration was the formation of abrupt pyrite-pyrrhotite transitions, and a zonation from sphalerite to galena to chalcopyrite.

The characteristic folded and breccia ores were not the result of ductile or fluid-assisted deformation of preexisting sulphide-siltstone interlayers, but instead formed by shear-controlled carbonate alteration that was ultimately replaced by sulphides.

I believe that this paper, along with the article, will conclusively demonstrated that there is no credible historical, geographical, archaeological or Biblical evidence to support the thesis that Mt. These researchers “speak the truth in love” but state that Ron Wyatt has not been truthful in his claims.

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