Mike leach dating

He drives across Lubbock to Regimen Salon for his every-other-week appointment with owner and stylist Natalie Craig.

Stores in Lubbock carry T-shirts proclaiming, “Our coach is hotter than your coach.” As Case Keenum, Kingsbury’s quarterback at the University of Houston and one of his close friends, put it: “He’s as cool as he looks. Every guy wants to be him, and I think every girl wants to be with him.”And be coached by him.

In the last three seasons, his quarterbacks gained more than 15,000 yards and combined for 136 touchdowns.

Easily the most coach in America, he wears designer sunglasses and tailored suits. Perhaps Kingsbury alone uses his to dress nicely instead of like an insurance salesman from Poughkeepsie.

The buzz around all of that became absurd long ago but shows no signs of letting up.

And there was far more to the excitement than just the return of a local hero.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but he is, sources say, impossibly good looking.Brady was his teammate with the New England Patriots, for whom Kingsbury spent 2003 on the injured reserve list.Ten Post-it notes, each with plays drawn on them, stick to the top of Kingsbury’s desk.The hottest coach in college football must prove he is more than the hottest coach in college football.Kingsbury granted Bleacher Report behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of his program as it prepares for a Big 12 season ripe with both hope and uncertainty.Next to them, legal pads sit atop each other, each full of plays.

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