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Tourists visiting the island will mostly never see the real Mauritius.Many will stay in one of the island's 40 or more luxury hotels and never leave the hotel's grounds, preferring to just laze on the beach, swim in the ocean, play golf, enjoy the numerous watersports on offer, or just relax in the spa.

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When I first visited the island in 1994 it took almost four hours to drive the 40 miles from the north of the island to the south because the roads were so bad.

There was a solitary fast food restaurant on the island, a Pizza Hut in the capital Port Louis.

I finally left Mauritius last June, tired of the rising violence and daily corruption and the stress of driving around the island: last year there were 20,000 road accidents, which left 151 people dead.

And with the murder of Michaela Mc Areavey, a little more of the dark side of Mauritius has been revealed.

The image of Mauritius that tourist brochures like to portray usually features the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean lapping beaches of perfect white sand.

Palm trees sway gently in the breeze, smiling waiters serve cold drinks. A very different scene played out yesterday in Belfast, where a plane landed carrying the body of Michaela Mc Areavey.

Four thousand cases of child abuse were reported on the island in 2010.

The prime minister, Navinchandra Ramgoolam, has also admitted that suicide has become a national problem among the islands' population of just 1.2 million.

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