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The system will only allow a user to enter data as a contractor or a service provider.

Log on to the system and start entering your data or start a search.

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The third party service we used to develop the matrix does have access to the data in the same manner as any data base, but has no interest in or knowledge of offset and will maintain the integrity of the data.

Members can allow as many users as they wish, but all users will be designated as either contractors or third party service providers.

Note: Culture of Respect does not endorse or support anyone one program; rather, we provide this clearinghouse to help institutions identify those programs that best meet their needs.

Additionally, we do not coordinate or act as a liaison for bringing these programs to your institutions.

Entering Data Go to “Manage my list of Countries”, pull down the countries, and for each country identify the appropriate responses. Once entered, when you return to this page, the countries selected will be shown and can be amended.

We suggest that you update your countries periodically and at least annually.

Within 2 hours I had 7 replies with very useful information ranging from Broker quotes to offers from other companies for more information.

Seems like an excellent tool in allowing for anonymous communication that would otherwise take much more time to research.” How to Use the System GOCA members only: To use the system, you will need to request an account and a password. Include in your request your name, company, and email address.

It will allow contractors to find other contractors to share experiences and hints on how best to perform in a country.

It will allow contractors to find third party service providers who can assist with offset obligations in a country and will correspondingly allow third party service providers to advertise their services to potential customers with a real interest in countries where they have expertise. The Web-based matrix works much like a dating service.

By selecting a particular type of potential contact, you draft an email asking any question you feel appropriate and giving any information you feel comfortable with.

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