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These day trips take you to sites and tambu areas, where you can witness things like lagoon trips to custom dancing and war canoe villages.You even get the opportunity to experience the traditional way of life of the locals by spending time with them.Check out our Solomon Islands map to acquaint yourself with the layout of the islands. The spectacular Matanikau falls are a mere two hour walk away from Honiara town.

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As you move about, you will realize that the entire panorama is only for you, and you will see places that hardly any other travellers have seen.

You will get a chance to make genuine contact with a population that is still innocent of outsiders, and who will be as curious about you as you will be about them.

You can indulge in exciting activities like learning to paddle and steering a dugout canoe, or climbing an extinct volcano or even fishing in sea-green waters and tasting the catch, and that too after cooking it in a traditional stone oven or motu.

Travelling outside the capital city of Honiara is not very easy.

And the funny part is, sometimes, that just might be true!

The Solomon Islands are located towards the south east of Papua New Guinea, with Australia a mere three hours away by air.

This is truly the paradise of the South Sea, promised ever so often by attractive brochures but never found.

The Solomon islanders still follow a traditional lifestyle, following their customs and living harmoniously within their environment.

They are a hospitable lot, and you will be warmed by the affectionate welcome and help they offer so generously, everywhere you go from the local restaurants to the fabulous Solomon Islands resorts.

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