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The definition of what makes a bar a “secret” has changed in the last few years, from signless doors in Hollywood to elaborate ruses in... But they’ve all got one thing in common: There’s some innate cool factor to the secret, whatever that secret may be.

Which is why, as long as you promise not to tell who told you, here are the best secret, speakeasy-style bars in LA -- and how to get into all of them, no matter the category they fall into.

Simons then works with the talented bar team to develop creative cocktails and wine selections to pair with the menu.

How to get in: Call (323) 651-1583 for a reservation. Remember when you were a kid and really wanted to peek inside the “Adults Only” section of the video store? Only instead of The Complete Works of Ron Jeremy, you’ll find beautiful stained-glass windows, plush couches, a pool table, and a big screen showing cult classic movies.

How to get in: Become a member or ask at the front desk of Vitello’s if space is available.

From the team behind Scopa Italian Roots comes a bar... Without giving away too many of the hush-hush details, inside you’ll find what feels like a mid-century bachelor pad with some Tiki flourishes and room for about 25 people at a time.

), where you’ll get to sip some of the finest single malts in beautiful Lalique crystal glassware with ice spheres made from imported water from the Scottish Highlands.

It’s also the only place in the Western US where you can sip 65-year-old Macallan, making this about as luxe as speakeasies come.

How to get in: Make a reservation by calling or texting (310) 906-7218. After gorging yourself at Animal, you’ve likely wondered about that mysterious place across the street with no sign, blacked out window, and a steady stream of model-types making their way past a bouncer. Inside -- if you manage to make it in -- you’ll find a low-key, dimly lit club with exposed brick, velvet curtains, vintage chandeliers, and elaborate artwork created by some of the rockstar clientele.

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