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But curious minds don’t want to remain totally clueless about the nerdy stuff involved, and in fact, it's not quite so techie if you have some basic network knowledge.

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The client-server model is simple -- each user is a client that connects to a Skype-controlled server to request the service.

Clients connect to servers like this in a one-to-many fashion. These servers are owned by Skype, that they call ‘dedicated supernodes’, that they control and whose parameters they can handle, like the volume of connecting clients, data protection and so on.

Another reason advanced by Skype for moving away from P2P is battery efficiency on mobile devices.

These recent years have seen a surge in the number of mobile users relying on their batteries for communication.

P2P stands for peer-to-peer and is a means of transferring data over the Internet using the computers and devices of Skype users (technically referred to as nodes) as resources for temporarily storing and forwarding data to other users.

Skype started based on its own decentralized P2P protocol, which leverages on each user’s device as a resource for data transfer on the network.

This saves Skype from having to set up and maintain centralized servers for the control and forwarding of voice and video data over the Internet.

The time taken for searching and location nodes and servers is also considerably decreased through P2P.

The services are supposed to be very fast and you will be able to change the people you are talking to very quickly.

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