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It’s little wonder women are losing the dating game.In one breath they’re complaining about the lack of decent men around, in the next, writing men off before they’ve even met them.

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If you want kids and still have none, you feel like your ovaries are ready to explode. It’s hard to not feel the pull of biology and hormones.2.

They’re not, but each date seems heavier than the last. Some men are scared off by women with kids." data-reactid="23"2. Good riddance to those p*ssies, but it still can make the dating landscape very barren and narrow.

Being 21 means you are slightly more within your rights to pick and choose a partner who matches your criteria.

When hitting an age when you’re thinking about long-term commitment, you either compromise or dust down your spot on that shelf.

A lot of men refuse to grow up." data-reactid="32"Holy unresolved issues, Batman!

Dating in your late thirties means you’re swimming in a dating pool in which quite a few of the men have chips on their shoulders after divorces, or an unwanted lengthy bachelorhood. But don’t forget that women can be difficult and full of baggage, too. I love my men folk, but there are certain pitfalls a woman faces while dating in her late thirties.

Age is a number, but sometimes age is the number that qualifies who gets a date and who doesn’t.

Again, the right guy will love you whether you’re eighty or eighteen.4. You’re tired of the comments from the peanut gallery and it feels like you’re giving out interviews on first dates rather than going for the love connection.

Love is out there for everyone at any age, whether you’re fifteen or eighty-five.

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