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Eric is clearly use his solo activities to promoto Shinhwa.He even mentioned that he is inspired by Seechskies leader who go to variety.Because that is exactly why Eric is doing 3MAD, for Shinhwa. And I must say the episode with Andy and Min Woo was one of the top one for me, and made me curious about Shinhwa.

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What makes my heart melted, he does pray before having meal. I would just like to say to you guys that before you rant, just remember that you post it in a public site where everyone could see.

Therefore, other people would naturally react whether good or bad about it. But keep your facts straight people, before you get "annoyed".

Always the group first, that is what makes Shinhwa different from other groups, hence their 20, 40, 60-year group survival and friendship.

In an episode of Happy Together, Eric said himself he already turned down 3MAD because Eric doesn't like to do variety shows without his members, he's that shy.

I'm glad about his marriage and hope his happy life with his own family. @Annoying, @Gean, & a fan : You really don't know Eric if you try to separate him from Shinhwa.

Words say something like, a sky never tells that it's high and a sun doesn't need to brag that it's hot. He never brags about anything, although he's the most awesome man in this planet.

But please never ever I had a thought of him leaving Shinhwa.. I don't understand why some people labelled themselve as Eric Fan want him to leave Shinhwa???

Yes he is good actor but with support of Shinhwa members also.. Shinhwa Changjos aren't really making up a fight here.

If he seems 'ignore' Seo Hyun Jin, it just the matter that he's attached now and he should respect his relationship. Watching him in Three Meals A Day and confirm he's totally different with other korean. Korean is popular with their palli palli habit but not with Eric. He just so good in anything but also very calm and low key.

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