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One could, of course, always order one as a special.- Strat headstock guitars ended regular production in mid-1983 though later ones exist due to legal action taken by Fender (Production remained on a limited basis for replacement for original necks broken, employee guitars, endorsement deals, and guitars destined for overseas sale).- Charvel guitars came with 21 fret necks originally and than 22 in later years.

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Anybody know anything about Jackson's Serial numbers.

The only information I can find is about their american made guitars. If you want to know the exact date of manufacture, it will be stamped in the heal pocket.

These neck plates say "Charvel PO Box 245, San Dimas, Ca, 91773".

The last San Dimas Charvel was #5491, built in January of 1986.

After 1986, Charvel production was moved overseas and all new guitars bearing the Charvel logo were import models.

After being successfully reintroduced briefly in 2002 (Limited run and custom orders), USA made Charvel guitars (true to the original San Dimas era guitars) returned in 2004 and are currently marketed under the San Dimas Model designation.

- What I call "Jackson headstock" necks began production sometime in late 1982-early 1983 (after the RR guitar was designed, the Jackson headstock was incorporated into the Charvel line).

Many vintage enthusiasts call these "pointy headstock" or "hockey stick" or whatever else.... - The 21 fret neck production tapered off sometime around late 1982.

An all original guitar should have no added controls, switches, or modifications.

Ideally the specifications of the guitar should match the factory logbook.

The factory kept a detailed logbook of every guitar that left the factory. However, in the early days things were apparently not that organized.

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