Is ludacris dating a medical student

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Congratulations to American rapper and actor Ludacris.

He whisked her and a few friends including Le Toya Luckett of Destiny’s Child fame away, for a vacation from Atlanta to Costa Rica.

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all ambitious high-earning finance guys should date a med school chick and if things go well, stay with her through residency (or better yet, find a chick who's already doing her residency) and after she lands her first MD job, settle down with do you guys think?

dont end up like one of the chumps who settle for his secretary because he's so godamnn career-oriented he never has time to find someone he really likes.i mean, looking at some of these pictures, med school chicks are quite cute, to my surprise.

i always thought they were the dorky pimply types back in college who studied 24/7.alright bitches, links deleted.

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