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This was the biggest year ever on record and 2012 seems poised to again break the lending record.

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In the last year, the student loan industry has hit the $1 trillion mark in outstanding loans.

In 2011, there were over $100 billion in student loans issued over the course of the year.

Consolidating debt with a loan could reduce your monthly payments and provide near term relief, but a lengthier term could mean paying more in total interest.

When people mention debt consolidation, they are usually referring to one of two different methods.

This statement may be viewed negatively by lenders who manually review your report.

Programs like this may lower your monthly bills, but because you are not re-paying the full amount owed on your accounts, your creditors will likely report those accounts as “settled” or “settled in full for less than the full balance.” Because it indicates that you did not pay the account as agreed, a status of settled on your credit report will impact your credit scores negatively, even if there are no late payments on the account.

Without getting some kind of education after high school your chances of getting a good job or making a decent wage decrease dramatically.

Because of this, many people who are interested in going to college have to explore different options for coming up with money to pay for school.

Closing your credit cards will cause your credit utilization rate to increase, which can hurt credit scores.

The creditor may also add a statement to the account that indicates the payments are being managed by a debt consolidation company.

The first is the kind you describe, where you apply for a personal loan, preferably one with a relatively low interest rate, and then use the money from that loan to pay off all your credit card balances at once.

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