Iphone play count not updating itunes

As a result, smart playlists using criteria such as "most often played" and "least recently played" update based on your overall experience and not just what you've done on any one particular device.

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Songs featured on studio albums and compilations introduce another discrepancy, with one version having many more plays than another.

Adjusting the number of plays yourself can resolve any such discrepancies.

In some particular situations you may have your music in i Tunes, but your playcounts and track ratings may be stuck only on your i Phone or i Pod.

We created this tutorial to give you step-by-step directions to easily recover your ratings, playcounts and other metadata back to your i Tunes music library from your i Pod or i Phone.

If you still have no luck, I'd recommend either waiting for someone else's ideas, or just do a restore - make sure you have a backup first though.

I can assure you that i Tunes correctly identifies the updated Play Counts & Last Played date, on my i Pod Touch with i Phone 2.0 goodness, unless this is a bigger issue that affects all i Phone 3Gs. I went through Apple Discussion and it seems it is unfortunately: i Phone sync's Rating, but not Play Count Edit: And I went through and found some other songs whose play count and last play date have updated. Luckily, it’s not nearly as advanced as it may appear.The entire process can be carried out in a matter of minutes.Once the device is connected, i Tunes may prompt you to sync your device - click "No" or "Cancel." Until all of your music have been transferred back to into i Tunes we recommend that you avoid syncing the device to i Tunes as, in some cases, doing this may result in the permanent loss of data from your device.After your device is connected, i Explorer will display its Device Overview screen.If anyone has tried this method and gotten better results, let me know in the comments!

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