Intimidating name generator

This feature enters stage left and it is just “Awesome”.

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Throw in Azure and you might be using Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Azure Data Factory and Azure Analysis Services…

This feature that can be implemented by Team Foundation Services allows for a developer to manage their code.

This post won’t go into details because there is a myriad of options out there and the number of options increase exponentially when you start comparing Azure to on-premises.

Suffice to say, you’re looking at a much heftier investment regardless.

This is because the heavy lifting is happening behind the scenes.

A prime example of this the new MSFT demonstration that uses 10 billion rows of data related to NY taxis. That is a “B” for “BILLION”) I saw it for the first time at PASS Summit 2017, but you can see a quick demo of that below, or here in the first portion of this scale up & diagnostic video.In fact, each time you build a Power BI report in the Desktop, you are building a Tabular model that is then created in the cloud upon publish!This live connection method allows you to gain a bit more control.You can deploy a single dataset to the Service and re-use it to build multiple reports!Having your own instance of Analysis Services on premises or Azure lets you maximize your development and deployment efforts and truly create a sustainable reporting solution.SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular is the typical implementation that I see most often employed due to the relational nature, compression, in memory storage and speed. Power BI has become only the front end of the process.

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